The Swiss Fantasy Show is a cultural event which takes place in Western Switzerland and aims to pay tribute to all things fantastic.


The fantastic, as the term is used here, refers to science fiction and fantasy. There are many ways to explore the two genres and their imaginary worlds: through literature, graphic arts, sculpture, merchandise and, most importantly, cinema. The structure of the event is based on conventions organised in other countries, such as London Film and Comic Con, Collectormania in Milton Keynes, FACTS, San Diego Comic Con, as well as Paris Japan Expo.

Such conventions exhibit several intrinsic characteristics:

  • Costume contests (Cosplay)
  • Inviting film actors for autograph sessions
  • Illustrators and 3D artists who come to present their pieces and share their work with the public
  • Associations dedicated to the recreation of their favourite characters and universes through costumes and props
  • Shops selling merchandise, figurines, comics, manga and other paraphernalia
  • Private collections of tie-in items
  • Various exhibitions pertaining to science fiction and fantasy


Accreditations / press:


Sean Astin

Sean Astin


“People will root for anyone who shows them their heart.” —Sean Astin

Sean Astin has demonstrated his innate ability to share his heart with the world through such iconic roles as Mikey Walsh in “The Goonies,” the title character of “Rudy,” Samwise Gamgee in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, and Bob Newby in “Stranger Things 2,” roles that epitomize hope, determination and loyalty.


Sean Astin will attend the Swiss Fantasy Show on Saturday and Sunday. We strongly advise that you book your photoshoot tickets in advance as they are limited. Autographs can be bought directly at the convention.

Tim Rose

Tim Rose


Timothy D. Rose est un acteur qui interprète le mythique Amiral Ackbar dans “le Retour du Jedi” mais aussi dans “Le Réveil de la Force” ET dans “Les Derniers Jedi”.  Il s’est aussi fait remarqué en tant que marionnettiste en faisant vivre la mythique Sy Snootles dans la chanteuse Pa’lowick du groupe de Max Rebo Band et Salacious B. Crumb à la court de Jabba le Hutt dans le “Retour du Jedi”.

L’acteur américain qui campe depuis plus de trente ans le rôle de l’admiral Ackbar nous fera l’honneur d’être présent au Swiss Fantasy Show les 26 et 27 mai.




Tu as toujours rêvé de faire une partie de jeu vidéo avec Sparadrap ? Et si on te disait que ton rêve peut se réaliser au Swiss Fantasy Show ??? Non seulement Spradrap sera là mais il prend avec lui Ystos, Ivy, Tenshirock , Sin et même Abraham LePape !

Les acteurs de la web-série Noob, première au box office français de 2009 à aujourd’hui et qui plafonne à plus de soixante-dix millions de vues, seront présents les deux jours de convention et pas seulement pour qu’on les admire, ils seront parmi le public, joueront avec lui et vous réservent de nombreuses surprises…

Et pour ceux qui n’ont pas encore regardé la série, on vous laisse rattraper les 9 saisons, les trois films, les romans, les bande-dessinés…Ne perdez pas de temps pour vous lancer la série qui a eu l’honneur de remporter l’Award de la meilleure web-série internationale à Hollywood, lors des Streamy Awards de Los Angeles en 2014 !

A venir

A venir

A Venir

A Venir



Petit Goupil

Petit Goupil


Petit-goupil, (Béa Herzig) illustratrice Suisse

Tiffany Schneuwly

Tiffany Schneuwly

Alexandra Husband

Alexandra Husband


Passionnée de lecture, Alexandra Husband a dévoré roman sur roman, beaucoup rêvé, puis s’est lancée. Petit à petit, sa passion pour l’écriture a grandi. Elle a beaucoup travaillé et retravaillé ses textes et son style. Les Peuples oubliés, tome 1 est son premier roman.



Programme Schedule


Cosplay contest

On Saturday 26th, the cosplay contest will take place!! But what is cosplay and how is it different from costume?

When we cosplay a character, no matter the universe, the goal is to resemble him or her not only through costume but through attitude, hair style, gesture… The universes that are most represented in cosplay are manga, Japanese animé, as well as Star Wars, Marvel, DC and more generally films and TV series.


The contest will be based on costumes, which has to be as close to the original as possible, but also scenography of the character. Reproducing dialogues, scenes and even fights is highly recommended! Below are all the registration requirements and the form to fill out. There are prices to be won.

Additionally, the cosplay context of Swiss Fantasy Show allows you to be eligible to represent Switzerland in WCS, le World Cosplay Summit, an annual international contest that promotes cultural and social exchange through Japanese pop culture. The convention takes place in Japan since 2003.

Seeing as how the conditions are particularily strict, the participants who would like to take part in the contest and be eligible for World Cosplay Summit should contact our animation team at dario@swissfantasyshow.ch


Costume contest

Unlike the cosplay contest, the costume contest on Saturday is open to everyone! You are proud of your Batman cape or your Princess Mononoké mask and you would like to show it to everyone?

Register directly at the information stand at the time of the convention on Saturday and you will be able to do it! There are a few prizes available, and who knows, maybe it is a good occasion to be noticed by the guy or the girl you like, who always dreamed of being charmed by Batman or Princess Mononoké!


Parrainé par


Entrance Fee (per day)

CHF 20.-
CHF 18.-
Child (up to 16 years)
CHF 15.-
Child under 10 years

Prix sur place (per day)

CHf 25.-
CHF 20.-
Child (up to 16 years)
CHF 18.-
Child under 10 years


Sean Astin
CHF 50.-

SIGNING prices

Sean Astin
CHF 50.-

Poster 2016 limited edition by john howe

Fine Art Print by John Howe
Fr. 200.-


Poster of the third edition of the Swiss Fantasy Show
Format A1. Printed by Uldry serigraphy in Bern.
FineArtPrints 310gr pper. Papier superface noble
Print quality 11 colors.
Numbered and signed  by John Howe himself


  • Special prices for tickets taken in advance
  • We strongly advise our visitors to take their tickets in advance either through our ticketing links or via the FNAC
  • People participating to the COSPLAY contest do not pay the entrance fee



Avenue Bergières 10, 1004 Lausanne

Lausanne public transport

Bus 2 – bus stop Beaulieu
Depuis la gare de Lausanne:
Bus 3 – bus stop Jomini or bus  21 – bus stop Beaulieu


Parking at Baulieu car park or at the Parking du Vélodrome. We advise you however to favor public transport.



Would you like to be part of Swiss Fantasy Show’s success? We are always looking for devoted volunteers, who are ready to fiercely guard the entrances, feed and water the visitors or massage our special guests’ feet.


If you are free between the 21st and the 24th of October 2016, and if you wish to take part in this adventure with us, download the registration form below. Just let us know when you are available, as well as what your preferred sector of activity is.



What are the opening times of the convention?

Saturday 26.05.2017 from 10h00 to 19h00 and Sunday 27.05.2017 from 09h00 to 18h00.


Can I order my ticket in advance?

Yes. All you need to do is go to the “Tickets” section of the website once pre-order will be available.


Do you accept payment in Euros?

No. SFS does not accept Euros as payment for entry, signings or any food and drinks.


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. SFS accepts credit cards as payment for entry and signing sessions (all cards except Postcard card). Nonetheless not all stalls will have a card machine. There are no ATMs on the premises of the convention, but there are some available in the surrounding area.


Am I allowed to bring my own food to the convention?

No. Both food and various drinks will be available within the convention.

Why do I have to pay for the signing session with the actors?

The money from signings is a way to pay the actors for their presence. It is standard practice in all conventions of the same type.


Can I take a picture with an actor without having to pay for the signing session?

You may take pictures of actors at their signing tables but they will not be posing for those (and it is subject to their permission and availability).


How much is a picture at the photo-shoot session?

All information will be available on the ACTORS page of our website.


Règlements des costumés dans la convention
Seules les armes d’airsoft sans batterie, sans gaz/air, sans métal sont autorisées. Nous refuserons l’entrée aux visiteurs dont les accessoires sont en métal (par ex. lames) ou porteur de tout accessoire jugé dangereux. Les répliques en mousse, par exemple, sont autorisées.


Animals are not allowed in the agreement. It is forbidden to smoke in enclosed spaces. The organization reserves the right to exclude any person not complying with the law or with the wrong behaviors considered.


Les Gardiens de la Fantasy
Ch. de Maillefer 105
1018 Lausanne


The Swiss Fantasy Show Team:
Dickler Kevin,  Hilfiker Marc, Naim Yasmina,
Theinz Gaëlle,  Vazquez Christine.